We provide micro-grants of $1,000 or less to chronic pain patients with limited support and resources. These grants may be used for travel to see specialists, medical equipment, alternative therapies, treatments, and other expenses  insurance doesn’t cover.

At this time, The Sherri Little Foundation, Inc. can only provide grants to patients in the United States. We’re working to open up to more areas in the future.

What is the micro-grant for?

  • Medical equipment (such as a power chairs, mobility scooters, TENS unit, etc.)
  • Travel to see providers or get treatments not covered under insurance
  • Copays or co-insurance costs beyond what is covered
  • Add accessibility features to your home or vehicle (such as ramps, carrier for the back of the car, etc.)
  • Any other help you need to have a better quality of life with less pain that is not covered by your insurance.

Who is the grant for?

How do I apply for a micro-grant?

Applications for micro-grants through the Sherri Little Foundation, Inc. are coming soon!

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